About Us

Incornea is an ophthalmology center that specializes in refractive, cataract, and cornea surgery and offers quality services to each of its patients to improve their eye health.

Incornea was founded in 1990 in response to the large number of patients with corneal diseases in Colombia. Statistics at the time showed that the lack of awareness and timely treatments increased the number of people affected afflicted by these diseases, which is why we decided to start our own office in 1992, where we currently provide consulting services for ophthalmology, optometry, diagnostic tests, and outpatient surgery.

During years of conducting research, upgrading our services, and solidifying our experience, we have perfected corneal transplant surgeries by using the most effective techniques for advanced keratoconus and LASIK post-surgery ectasias, which have the advantage of not resulting in endothelial rejection. Therefore, they are considered transplants for life.

For unbalanced corneas after complicated cataract surgeries, we perform endokeratoplasties, or endothelial transplants, a technique that significantly reduces the risks and complications of a penetrating corneal transplantation and facilitates the rapid recovery of vision in two months.

About Us
Incornea is one of the most important medical centers in Colombia, a pioneer in phakic intraocular, iris-fixed lens implantations for severe myopia and high hyperopia (an intraocular lens is a lens that is added to the optical system of the eye, similar to a contact lens, but instead of adapting to the surface of the eye, it is located inside the eye). This technique has been performed successfully at our institution for 15 years, and it has been one reason why we have received praise and recognition from patients and experts in the field. We have even become a training center for ophthalmologists around the world who want training and certification in this surgical procedure.

We have a team of ophthalmologists who specialize in the anterior segment of the eye and use the latest proven technological equipment. Our institute is led by doctor Alberto Chacon Aponte, an ophthalmic plastic surgeon, graduate of the University of Rosario, and expert in corneal diseases and surgeries with more than 30 years of experience. We have assembled an important group of experts who can treat many different kinds of vision problems. Our reason for being lies in providing a quality, honest, comprehensive, and humanitarian service to all the patients who come to us each day with the hope of finding answers and specialized treatments.

Additionally, we have extensive experience performing high-tech corneal transplants. We also perform deep lamellar corneal transplants on people who have advanced keratoconus, which is a degenerative disease that affects the thickness of the cornea, worsens the patient's eyesight, and causes discomfort and even ulcers along the vertex of the eye. In addition, we provide endothelial corneal transplants for decompensated corneas after cataract surgery and penetrating corneal transplants for high-risk cases.

Given our deep knowledge of keratoconus, we have gone from manually implanting rings to the current technique, which uses cutting-edge femtosecond lasers with VisuMax equipment made by ZEISS®.

In the field of refractive surgery, we have perfected diverse surgical techniques, such as PRK, LASEK, LASIK, and Femot-LASIK. Currently, we implement the most advanced and safe techniques to correct myopia and astigmatism: ReLEx SMILE with femtosecond VisuMax, which we have pioneered in Colombia, as it is exclusively used at Incornea.

Cataract surgery with intraocular lens implants has been perfected with the phacoemulsification technique that we created more than 20 years ago, and with the advent of the new toric, bifocal, and trifocal lenses, we have reached the highest levels of patient satisfaction and safety.

At Incornea, we work each day so that all our patients obtain the best possible results. That is why we keep up to date with the latest advances in the services we offer and incorporate them to the extent that they represent an improvement in our services. Therefore, we have chosen our slogan: "your vision in safe hands." Trust us!

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