A New Laser for Myopia and Astigmatism Surgery Arrives in Colombia

December 11, 2017

VisuMax performs procedures with the highest precision, predictability and comfort.

A new piece of equipment for ophthalmological procedures has arrived in Colombia in order to offer a fast and reliable solution to myopia and astigmatism.

"Visumax is a femtosecond laser device. It is a new laser technology that has the advantage of being able to cross the cornea and carve lenticels without cutting the cornea on the surface," explains Alberto Chacon, scientific director of Incornea.

This excellent device performs the operation in just 30 seconds in a minimally invasive way. Also, it has a surgical microscope that is integrated with a digital video camera to guarantee the highest precision during the procedure.
"People suffering from myopia of up to 9 or 10 diopters, the severest myopia, are the best candidates for this type of technology because the new laser no longer cuts like the previous one. This new laser overcomes LASIK, which was the second-generation technique," says the specialist, Dr. Chacon.

This equipment does not cut the corneal blades. It only makes a millimeter-long incision so that the cornea remains intact. The patient will not experience any type of pain, will recover an important amount of his vision, and will require only one to two days of disability.

"(VisuMax) has recently been approved in the United States by the FDA precisely because of its advantages. In Europe, it has been used by ophthalmology centers for four years, and the results have been getting better. It's such a blessing to have good technology in Colombia that has the support of the FDA in the United States and four years of experience in Europe," concludes Dr. Chacon.

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