Dr. Alberto Chacon Goes on Media Tour to Advise Patients

December 11, 2017

As a part of his strategy to promote his services and the importance of eye health, Dr. Alberto Chacon, a renowned Colombian ophthalmologist who offers medical care in Bogotá, went on a media tour that included two notable interviews with two radio stations: Melody 730 AM and Radio Red 970 AM. During these interviews, Dr. Chacon talked about issues of great public importance on topics related to his area of expertise, as well as some general advice and recommendations about eye care and the prevention of harmful habits that can seriously compromise patients' health.

The comprehensive interviews covered various topics of interest, including the importance of common habits such as frequent hand washing, avoiding direct sunlight to the face, completely removing makeup before going to bed, not rubbing your eyes, and sleeping in a position that does not exert pressure on the eyeball. The interviews also covered other medical indications of a more professional nature such as avoiding self-medication and what to do if harmful substances like chemicals or the wrong drugs get into the eyes. Also, he commented on the foods that best support vision and warnings about the use of expired medications that can deteriorate eye health, rather than strengthen it.

You can listen the interviews via the following links:
Dr. Chacon also shared information related to corneal transplantation techniques and he placed a special emphasis on the importance of going to a specialist at the slightest sign of vision problems since vision problems often are directly related to other, more serious diseases like diabetes, eye infections, or glaucoma. There are many patients who prefer to self-diagnose, resorting to drugs that are not recommended for their condition. The media tour also served as a promotional campaign for the doctor's new website (www.incornea.com.co), where patients who have eyesight health problems and are interested in requesting his professional services can call the medical center he runs in Bogotá.

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